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Mima-te is a clothing brand owned by twins Nelly and Nelsa Guambe and based in Maputo Mozambique.  Set in vintage style, with an eko concept redesigned and customized, Mima-te is a fashion-brand that intends to recycle and renew old textiles by turning them into fashionable, modern and affordable clothing. Inspired by vintage fashion designers all over the world and particularly appreciating African modern fashion. Mima-tes belief is that upcycling what has been given to Africa as a sign of good will (but much too often ends up as waste) is an innovative way of creating a new image of Mozambican clothing. At the same time the upcycling process serves to harness environmental awareness. It also allows people - from the seller to the sewer at the informal market - to be involved in creating something beautiful and sustainable instead of only reselling donations.”


Absolutely beautiful.

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